North Coast

Richmond Valley Council Election Campaign takes a nasty turn

Candidate for Richmond Valley Council Patrick Deegan has spoken out about Facebook posts attacking his wife and his employer.

‘I have been surprised by some of the tactics used during the campaign’, Mr Deegan said. “It’s one thing for people to have a go at me during the campaign, but once people start attacking my wife and my employer, they have crossed the line”.

“I put myself forward as a candidate and expected that some people would have a go at me, unfortunately, this is what happens when you nominate as a candidate, but recent attacks are just grubby”

“I have had a number of my campaign posters stolen during the campaign”.

“A recent Facebook post attacked my wife, my employer and published my home address” Mr Deegan said. “It has caused distress to my family and my employer.”

“To make matters worse the post was made by a Facebook profile that was only created seven days ago and is likely a fake profile”.

The post was attacking me as a small number of our posters were printed outside of the Council area. This was an error, once the mistake was realised, it was rectified and the absolute majority of our posters and other election material were printed by a Richmond Valley based printer.

”I accept this criticism, but to attack my family and my employer via a Facebook profile that is newly created and likely to be fake is just unacceptable. I’m sure all other candidates will join me in condemning this behaviour”.