Richard Sear takes the win in last week’s Grafton swim meet

It doesn’t happen all that often, but a plethora of members nominated for competition last week resulting in six heats having to be run and captain Richard’s fingers were worn to the bone by the time all the paperwork had been completed.

Young Eli Waite also came along for some exercise and put many of the more mature swimmers to shame with his speed and execution of several strokes.

Once all the heats had been run it was time for the finals and making it through to the 50m were Geoff Simkus, Nicole Lancaster, Karlie Cleaver, Richard Sear, David Moon and Damien O’Mahony.

On handicap, Nicole was first away and as she made her way up the pool it was obvious that no-one was going to catch her. Touching the tiles, a good seven seconds ahead of her nearest competitor she completely blitzed the field and although this huge break lead to a disqualification it was enlightening because it was her first final since joining the club and also a personal best time.

Next to hit the wall was Richard and with a great time, was awarded the win with David taking second and Damien third.

The Stephen Donnelly Explosive cup was the carrot dangling in front of Geoff Simkus, Terry Barnes, Tyler Durrington, Tracey Hill, David Moon and Damien O’Mahony as they lined up for the 30m freestyle sprint.

Barnesy was just a tad too keen in this event, covering the distance .26 too fast, resulting in a disqualification.

Tyler was next over the line and with a good time recorded was awarded the win and the cup.

David filled second place and Tracey third.

The butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke event was the last for the evening and making this final were Sharon Welch, Andrew Madden, Jenny Vickery, Gary Dixon, Jane Tanner and Damien O’Mahony, who had really punished himself by reaching all finals.

Jane, having only her second swim with the club was extremely happy to make the final and was first away on handicap, followed at intervals by the rest of the group.

Andrew, who has experienced “the winning feeling” for the past two weeks flew to the lead and was very unlucky when a break of .19 was recorded so first place was handed to Jenny with Gary taking second and Sharon third.

Our best wishes go out to the 14 members from our club who are travelling to the Far North Coast Carnival at Twin Towns this weekend. Safe travel, great comradeship and success in the pool.

Toni Ensbey