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Richard has a dilemma

cvi   Books, books and more books – Grafton’s charity book sale, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Grafton Midday is only days away (Saturday, August 20 at the Community Centre, Grafton) and Midday Rotarian Richard Nichols has a dilemma. He has been on the Midday Rotary Book Sale committee since its inception and prior to retirement was the organiser of book sales for the Clarence Regional Library (Richard was manager of the Clarence Regional Library for 20 years). His dilemma is that while he sold the library’s old books he could never resist buying old books that took his fancy (mostly historical works). Richard said “I now have a problem in that my books are flooding over into to my garage and even my lawn locker.” (This is where he is photographed) “I think it now time for me to follow the example of many book lovers in our community and that is to donate some of my books to the Book Sale so that I can establish more dignified storage for the books I will no doubt buy at this Saturdays Book Sale”. Richard’s wife, Jane, hopes the roll up to this year’s book sale will keep him so busy he won’t have time to find too many books. She too believes that a lawn locker is not a fitting place to keep such dear old friends.