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REX’S commitment on COVID refunds

Rex HAS reiterates its commitment to refund all tickets for flights affected by COVID-19, as the nation experiences further restrictions and some State border closures following another wave of outbreaks.

Rex General Manager of Network Strategy Warrick Lodge said, “Rex remains committed to a full refund of all tickets affected by any flight cancellation or rescheduling, without exception.

Rex will be offering a full refund of tickets for passengers who are directly affected by current and future COVID-related border closures or travelling restrictions, even though our flights continue to operate as scheduled. This even applies to promotional ‘use-it-or-lose-it’ tickets.”

“Last year, when millions of passengers had their travel plans severely disrupted, Rex proactively refunded tens of thousands of valid tickets (booked directly with Rex) even without a refund request. We also sent out eight monthly reminders to travel agents to seek refunds from Rex, as we can’t refund tickets directly to passengers who bought their tickets through agents.”

“The Rex COVID refund policy goes far beyond the guarantees provided under Australian Consumer Law and seeks to alleviate the considerable hardships our passengers are already facing during the pandemic. It also removes the risk they take in making bookings for future travel during this period of uncertainty.”

“We have been criticised by other carriers for our COVID refund policy, but we will not give in to industry pressure.

Rex has always led the aviation industry in putting the interests of its customers first. A case in point is our policy to make face masks compulsory on all Rex flights, implemented from 1 June 2020. We began temperature screening even earlier, on 17 April2020.

We knew we were going to lose some customers to the other carriers because of our strong stand on safety but Rex will never compromise the well-being of its customers and staff. We applaud the recent National Cabinet decision to mandate the wearing of face masks on board aircraft and at airports.”