Respectful of public consultation

I’m just wondering if the CVC has plans to hoodwink the general populous re the sale of 1 McNaughton Pl, the same way they did by calling a meeting to present a revised plan for the Maclean Riverside Precinct.
The meeting was held on the 24th October with invited attendees and those lucky enough to get told it was on.
I hope the new council will be more respectful of public consultation and hear what people are saying, rather than just tick the box for their reports.
Back to McNaughton Pl., this position is crying out for public space to connect the proposed federally funded boardwalk at both ends. The public space already taken from the town i.e. Cameron Park for a supermarket site and for the beautification of MacLachlan Park could be swapped/ replaced by CVC as a mark of goodwill to the residents, ratepayers and visitors of Maclean. A small park at that end of town would complement the historical precinct near the police station and create a welcome spot for those who venture from one end of town to the other via the proposed boardwalk.
It seems some on council are only interested in selling off assets willy nilly, with no thought for town planning into the future. A high rise block of flats at this site would do nothing to promote the town and its history but rather block more of the view and give our land over to private investment. Some broad public consultation, I think, will reveal some much more interesting ideas.
Julie McKenzie, Maclean