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Residents invited to have their say on Grafton CBD plans

Emma Pritchard|
If you love living in Grafton, regularly visit the CBD or manage a local business, Clarence Valley Council has an invitation for you.
An exciting new plan is currently being created for the future of the Grafton CBD, which also focuses on the surrounding areas, entrances to Grafton, the riverfront and local transportation needs and requirements.
CVC Manager for Environment, Development and Strategic Planning Adam Cameron said council is interested to know what the community thinks could or should be done to improve the Grafton CBD.
Mr Cameron said while the project aims to make the CBD more accessible, review parking and transport arrangements, and provide greater connectivity to the Clarence River waterfront, he is encouraging the community to become involved in the early consultation process. 
“Our aim is to create a place where people want to spend time, shop, socialise and support businesses,” he said.
“We want to hear from locals, visitors and business owners, anyone who has ideas on how we can improve the Grafton CBD” he said.
CVC conducted several in-person surveys in Grafton last week including one at the Farmers Market in Market Square and at numerous set ups along Prince Street to encourage members of the public to share their vision of how the CBD should look and what it should feature.
Although she didn’t participate in an in-person survey, Coffs Harbour resident and regular visitor to Grafton Jazmin Tash-Jakovic said she would definitely be visiting the council website to express her opinions through an online survey.
“I have so much to say,” she confessed.
“I drive to Grafton three times a week to visit my friends, and I’m frequently here so I think my opinions count.”
Ms Tash-Jakovic would like to see more parking availability, especially under cover parking, more trees planted in the Grafton CBD, more public toilets and traffic lights on the Prince Street pedestrian crossings.
“Like many of the locals, I too was very sad and disappointed when I discovered a lot of trees were being cut down in the main street and I definitely want to see more trees being planted to replace them and provide more shaded parking spots.
“It’s freaking hot in summer and people want to park in the shade when they’re in the CBD and the area needs more greenery to make it more environmentally friendly.
“I would like to see more undercover parking and public toilets built as well, possibly in or near Memorial Park, because the ones in Market Square are always dirty and presently, people have to walk through to Grafton Shoppingworld to use the toilets up there.
“They should also install traffic lights at the Prince Street pedestrian crossings to better maintain consistent traffic flow.”
Ms Tash-Jakovic thought it was a superb initiative for council to offer the local community a chance to express their views.
“The community use the CBD every day and they know what should be done and needs to be done to make it better,” she said.
For more information and to share your ideas in an online survey, please visit