Residents await a response from Council


Over six months since a delegation from Cave and Angourie Streets met with council and numerous traffic committee meetings, the affected residents impacted by the change to one way of Riverview Street from Spenser to Angourie Streets are still waiting for a response from Council over this issue that is unfair and perhaps even unconstitutional. 

Council omitted to consult over half of the residents severely impacted by this change. As a single individual proposed this change to council, there should have been far more investigation into the matter before it proceeded. 

The road in question is the same width as many others in Iluka (including Angourie St where all traffic now flows, and Spenser St passed the school where we now have to travel). The criteria for change was that 5.5 meters was adequate, but not ideal! There are MANY roads in the shire less than 5.5meters that are still dual carriageways. How many of these will be made one way? Kerb and guttering would have made the road the “right” width, but of course too expensive and a few signs much cheaper! 

Hoping we get some positive decisions made before the Council elections.

Chris Cavallo, Iluka