Regional NSW at the heart of everything

Ed, Ray Daley was a dairy farmer from Kempsey – he was also my grandfather. That is why it pains me to watch the people of regional NSW be neglected by a Sydney-centric Liberal-Nationals Government. Just weeks ago, the Auditor-General found that regional NSW has been cheated out of almost half of the infrastructure spending they were promised. Today, we have a two speed economy and we are at risk of a two speed society. Every time I hear the Berejiklian-Barilaro Government boast about the economy, I’m reminded that regional NSW lost 17,000 jobs over the last five years. We’re going backwards in the bush. It’s no wonder when the Liberals and Nationals are building toll roads in Sydney, stadiums in Sydney and a disastrous light rail through Sydney. I will put regional NSW at the heart of everything I do as the new leader of Labor in NSW. Regional NSW will get 100 per cent of Labor’s $4.1 billion Regional Jobs Fund. And over the coming weeks I will outline Labor’s Local Jobs First package. The Liberals and Nationals have had eight long years. It’s time for change. Michael Daley Leader of the Labor Opposition in NSW