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Reflections from a ‘man of the people’

Chris Gulaptis is a man of the people and for the people. His time in office for The Nationals for regional NSW has seen him as a ‘mover and shaker’.

Speaking recently, he recounted some of the highlights of his time in office.

Grafton is a ‘gaol town’.

The new Correctional Centre had its official opening June 25 and inmates start arriving July 1.

Chris was asked for his thoughts on the new gaol.

“The gaol is a tremendous opportunity for Grafton.

“There are responsibilities and benefits associated with having a gaol in our community. Always has been.

“We recognise the responsibilities and we must ensure that we re-habilitate the inmates,” Chris said.

Asked about the prospects for an Iluka ambulance station, Chris was full of praise for the Iluka community.

“Terrific community led project. Iluka is an isolated community with an elderly demographic and having an ambulance station is a priority.

“John and Anne McLean have been powerhouses in rallying the community to get an ambulance station.

“Iluka swells to 3-times its population in holiday time, and the entire community has banded together for this cause.

“The Club have offered their land for sale to have the ambulance station built on their land, and a vote recently by Club members was unanimous in their decision-making process,” Chris said.

I asked Chris his perspective on the future of Grafton and he was full of hope and optimism.

“Our best days are ahead. In particular, the dual carriage way to the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

“We have a new bridge in town and the highway is near completion, and for many people up north Grafton is the perfect holiday destination. And for businesspeople the commute north is now very short.

“We have cheap land and we are connected digitally, and we offer a terrific lifestyle.

“As I said, Grafton’s best days are ahead,” he said.

I asked Chris, what else is in the pipeline and he responded with:

The redevelopment of Grafton Base Hospital.

“I believe that the Government will honour their election commitment,” he said.

“I’m pushing for planning money from the Budget to come to the hospital.

“I’m pushing for planning money for that.

“I want shovels in the ground,” Chris said.



(At the time of interviewing Chris for this story, he had not long received the news that his mother had passed away in Western Australia and was making arrangements to try to cross the border into Western Australia for her funeral.

Our deepest sympathy is extended to Chris Gulaptis and his family at this sad time).