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Ramblers trip to Mallanganee

Top: Some of the mob ready to play grocery grab. Bottom: Joy Woods winner of Finska with runner up Tony Krazanic. Images: Contributed.

The Clarence Valley Ramblers Motorhome Chapter travelled to the village of Mallanganee for our June weekend. Twenty-three vehicles made the trip, with visitors from Tasmania, Glen Innes and Port Macquarie joining us for a fun-filled few days.
Morning tea always sees a table of home-cooked delights and this weekend was no exception. We certainly have some wonderful cooks. Friday night forty members walked to the local pub for a meal and a few drinks, before heading back to our rustic shed where a roaring fire warmed our bones.
Saturday evening after our raffles, our movie projector was set up, more logs on the fire and we all settled in to watch the fun movie RV. The club provided hot chocolate, milo and jaffas which went down a treat.
They say winners are grinners, and we had lots of happy people after a hotly contested disc bowls tournament. Dianne Kohn, Carol Randall and one of our visitors Frank Pate took home the chocolates, while runners up Marg Sherlock, Terry Hicks and visitor Gary Woods, were happy with their bags of sweets.
The usual grocery grab saw some people get excited, when their pile of groceries diminished before their eyes as other players were swift to steal the more wanted items. Graham Randall was the outright winner, but unfortunately the prize pool was only a packet of Tim Tams.
After morning tea on Sunday we enjoyed a game of Finska. There were several members towards the end, all trying to knock down one number. Unfortunately, they managed to knock out a larger number and then the field was wide open. Visitor Tony Krizaninc took out the chocolate prize, with another visitor Joy Woods taking home the Minties. Well done guys.
It is always wonderful to catch up with people from other chapters and learn what they do at their outings. The men swapped mechanical stories, and Eric and Tony had a huge fish story, which was backed up with a photo as proof. A giant jewfish, caught off the beach at Port Macquarie.
Next month is our spit roast for our Christmas in July at Whiporie. For information and bookings please contact Carol 0472 517 170.