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Julie Campbell at this month’s Grafton Library ‘Mini Writers Festival’. Image: contributed

Raising awareness of PSP and CBD – Atypical Parkinsons diseases

It’s been a busy and fulfilling month for Julie Campbell who was guest speaker at the Jacaranda Afternoon Tea on Monday December 6 and one of several local authors who spoke at the Grafton Library ‘Mini Writers Festival’ on Wednesday December 8.

On both occasions Julie was grateful to be able to raise more awareness of the neurodegenerative diseases of PSP (progressive supranuclear palsy) and CBD (corticobasal degeneration). They are similar in nature and are often misdiagnosed as Parkinson’s Disease. They both come under the Atypical Parkinson’s umbrella and to varying degrees, affect balance, walking, speech, swallowing, vision and memory. There are no specific tests for a diagnosis of CBD or PSP, nor is there a known cause or cure.

Julie’s husband Steve, father of their two children, suffered from CBD and passed in 2013 after six years of heartbreaking degeneration. He was the well-loved newsagent at Yamba Shopping Fair from 1992-1999 and created and ran Yamba Bookshop from 2001 to 2004.

There are no drugs for CBD so Julie researched everything she could to help Steve, keeping him physically healthy till the last few weeks of his life. There were many changes they made to their lives, on the nutritional, physical, electronic and environmental fronts. It was this knowledge that Julie was keen to share in her book, to help others suffering from disease. In fact, the measures are helpful for all, whether you’re sick or not. Julie is particularly keen to alert everyone to the value of coconut oil, the dangers of EMFs from different appliances, the value of earthing and the ultimate message to look for and value measures that are natural.

It could happen to anyone! The Butcherbird Sings is a confronting story of an intelligent family man stripped of all he treasured in life. It is an insightful memoir of love, trauma and resilience that offers help for the thousands of others similarly afflicted their carers and families.

The Butcherbird Sings is available at NewsXpress in Yamba Fair, (the same newsagency Steve and Julie bought back in 1992), at the Book Warehouse in Grafton, online at badapplepress.com.au, as a kindle/ebook on amazon.com.au, from Julie herself and from the Clarence Regional Library. Julie is passionate about spreading awareness of these diseases as well as raising funds to donate for research.