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QLD border closure business survey

Business NSW is seeking responses from businesses in the Northern Rivers who are impacted by the Queensland border closure to strengthen their case for a review of the parameters of the closure. 

Please direct any questions regarding the following message to Jane Laverty at Business NSW.

From Business NSW:

Health risks from Covid-19 are a concern for all communities and we understand that restrictions must be tightened to meet the health objectives of Government as necessary.  However, the current hard QLD border closure has highlighted the unintended consequences to the region’s businesses and the community more broadly.

In the case of the Northern Rivers, Brisbane is our closest major city and is inextricably linked to us for trade, economic development and jobs. We have many Northern Rivers based businesses and workers who service Brisbane and similarly businesses and workers who live in Queensland and service the Northern Rivers.

We have been receiving business impact statements over the past week and working with key stakeholders in Government to champion a cooperative strategy that would enable a high impact low-risk outcome for QLD and the Northern Rivers.

To assist Business NSW in further strengthening our case for a review of the parameters of the border closure we ask businesses impacted to complete the survey – also informing a broader assessment of impact and support requirements.

It is likely that we will need to adjust to a longer-term COVID safe economy and this needs a strategy for how the Northern Rivers region, as a cross border community, can safely interact, work, trade and service within the Queensland market. 
Business NSW is hosting zoom forums with Government stakeholders on the issue, if you are interested in participating please email [email protected] or phone on 0419260220.