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Provest commits to staff parking at Tweed Hospital, how about thawing the wage freeze?

The Health Services Union has welcomed a commitment to free staff parking at the new Tweed Valley Hospital but called on Geoff Provest to go a step further and stand up against the freeze on public sector wages.

The Tweed MP made the following comment in the Legislative Assembly on September 23, :

I note that the Minister for Health and Medical Research is present, and I am sure that he agrees that we need free parking at the new Tweed Valley Hospital. The Government committed to it and I am not going to back away from it. I am putting the Minister on notice right now!

HSU NSW Secretary Gerard Hayes said Mr Provest could now prove his commitment to health workers by fighting the unjust wage freeze handed down by the Industrial Relations Commission this week.

“Hospital workers generally earn modest incomes. Having to pay for the privilege of coming to work is unfair and unjust.

“We don’t agree with Geoff Provest on every issue. But on this important question he has done the right thing.

“However cleaners, security officers, wards people and allied health professionals have just had their pay frozen by the NSW Government.

“While we appreciate Geoff Provest standing up for free parking he should also stand up for a decent pay rise.

“Hospital workers have put their health on the line to protect the community from COVID-19. In return the Government has said they are entitled to less than a capuccino in their pay rise.

“Mr Provest should back the health workers who keep the community healthy.”