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Prostate awareness evening at YST

The Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club is lucky enough to have the Honourable Jim Lloyd, Ambassador for the Prostate Foundation of Australia Sydney as guest speaker on Wednesday May 29 at 6pm at Yamba Shores Tavern in the Reception Room.  

Jim has had Prostate Cancer and is going to give a short address on Prostate awareness and the latest information on research. He will also be stressing the importance of having a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test done to have a base line to compare for future testing. He will be able to answer questions after (and privately, if needed). 

As the aim of SICYC is to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer, we are inviting the general public (men and women) to understand the issues surrounding this sneaky ailment.  More men die from Prostate Cancer each year than women die from Breast Cancer.

The Hon. Jim Lloyd was the Minister for Local Government, Territories and Roads (2004-2007) and Federal Member for Robertson (1996 – 2007).

The group ‘Full Circle’ (John Church and Joy Lauder) will also be playing music and singing for us as a donation to SICYC, so should be a great Farewell night for us.

Any donations on the night will be gratefully received and acknowledged by Jim. Cheques can be made out to: Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Please phone Glad if you need any more information on 0415 350 974 or email  : [email protected]