Proposed solar development Southgate


I am writing to outline my objections to the proposed solar farm at Southgate (CVI 29/9/21). I am a tractor repair contractor and go fairly regularly to this area for tractor and other mechanical repairs.

This proposed development should be opposed and abandoned on a number of grounds. Firstly this is good agricultural land and should be retained. This is an industrial development and why does Infinergy Pacific think this is a good location for this type of development when there are other locations that are infinitely more suitable and would not have to degrade the beautiful river valley.

This type of development should be located in the governments preferred zone, not on coastal land which is increasingly more precious.

I have spoken to a number of my clients and they have indicated that the company Infinergy Pacific does not appear to have had genuine consultation with the local landowners. Representatives do not seem willing to engage with the locals at all and have not indicated that any form of negotiation or compensation would be forthcoming. This type of development should be stopped and relocated to other areas that do not have the devastating impact on the valley. 

Lyall G Pogue, Asquith