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Proposal to extend exhibition timeframes for large scale development

Proposal to extend exhibition timeframes

Clarence Valley Council is proposing to extend its exhibition timeframes for large scale development applications from 14 days to 28 days in response to community expectations.
Initial feedback on how the community would prefer to be engaged, informed and notified on planning matters was sought through a public survey in February and March 2022, and by way of feedback from the community that have been involved in planning processes.
The key findings from the survey were that the community prefer online platforms such as website and Noticeboard for exhibition documents and DAs – with hardcopies the least preferred – and that large scale and/or controversial DAs should have their exhibition timeframe extended.
Council is in the process of updating its Community Participation Plan 2019 (CPP) which explains how Council will engage the community on planning matters, like development applications and planning proposals.
An updated draft CPP has been prepared as state government legislation has recently changed, removing restrictions around advertising development applications.
Council proposes to continue providing best practice digital engagement by communicating its planning strategies and development applications through online formats such as the website and Noticeboard.
The draft CPP also proposes that development applications for new houses are not notified when complying with Council’s rules in the Development Control Plan (DCP). This approach aligns with the State government’s planning policy about complying development provisions for new houses.

The draft CPP is on exhibition on Council’s website with submissions closing 4pm 26 May 2022.