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Prescribing her own dreams of Aussie success

Emma Pritchard

Her eyes sparkle and her lovely smile widens with excitement as she speaks about her love for Australia and how her childhood dream was to live and work in this beautiful country, to be able to experience its climate and lifestyle, and be a part of its amazing diversity.

For Dr Dinara Markhabullina, her childhood dream has come true.

As the newest staff member of the South Grafton Medical Centre, Dr Markhabullina said she has been made to feel very welcome by her colleagues, patients and the wider Clarence Valley community, which she and her family are now happily a part of.

Born in Uzbekistan, Dr Markhabullina later moved to Russia and had aspirations to become a teacher until her mother suggested she become a doctor as it was still an educational occupation and she could teach people about their health and wellbeing, and how to look after themselves.

“Being a doctor allows me to work with people and to help them and educate them, just like a teacher would,” she said with a smile.

“I think my mum was right.”

After completing her medical training and studies at the Russian Medical University, Dr Markhabullina worked in primary care unit facilities and private clinics overseas.

After visiting Australia several times and becoming more and more captivated by the extraordinary country she had always dreamed of, Dr Markhabullina returned a few months ago with her partner and three children so she could pursue her medical profession and bring her childhood dream to life.

Describing her current work in general practice as very beneficial, Dr Markhabullina is incredibly passionate about women’s health.

She enjoys working with pregnant women and educating patients about common menopausal problems and risk factors.

She is especially passionate about educating young women of the importance of safe sex and contraception, ensuring they have a supportive network available, and they are taught to recognise and prevent abusive situations.

“I feel very blessed to work with teenagers,” she said, adding sex education can be a very sensitive topic, especially for young women.

“I want my patients to feel free to talk to me as a doctor, and they can discuss anything with me which is causing them concern.

“It’s important they feel they are well educated and supported in making the right choices for them.”

Since officially starting her career at the South Grafton Medical Clinic on March 4, Dr Markhabullina and her family have been settling into Clarence Valley life.

Describing Grafton as a safe and cosy place to raise her family, Dr Markhabullina revealed her children have happily settled into their new school and she is very impressed with the local education curriculum and support they are receiving, especially her youngest child who has only recently started school.

During their free time, the family loves exploring the Clarence Valley and discovering the many beautiful attractions within the local region.

“The beaches at Yamba, Wooli and Minnie Water are so beautiful,” Dr Markhabullina said.

“All of the scenery is, and the views are amazing.”

“We feel very lucky to be here and we’re looking forward to staying here for a very long time.”

Dr Markhabullina is also looking forward to meeting and caring for new patients at the South Grafton Medical Centre.

To book an appointment, please phone 6643 1500.

 Photo 1: Dr Dinara Markhabullina is passionate about women’s health and has recently started working at the South Grafton Medical Centre, fulfilling her childhood dream to live and work in Australia.

Image: Emma Pritchard