Prepare now for the disaster season ahead


As people continue to suffer the mental health effects of the pandemic Red Cross is reminding readers there are things they can do now to regain a sense of control, and prepare for the inevitable disasters ahead.

New research by Australian Red Cross has found that two in five Australians’ mental health has been hit by Covid, and a similar number say they feel less hopeful about the future. Some 37% feel less secure and safe. 

This week is our annual campaign to encourage people to prepare ahead for disasters, as the better-prepared people are, the better their experience when a disaster inevitably hits. Better preparation also leads to a better recovery.

There are excellent resources on the Red Cross website www.redcross.org.au/prepare including steps to create your own emergency plan, to download the Red Cross Get Prepared App, a survival kit, emergency contacts list, keepsake list, information to help manage stress and more.

With disaster season almost upon us, we strongly encourage people to start thinking now about how they will manage. Your mental health will be better for it.

Poppy Brown,
Director Australian Red Cross NSW