Policy announcements for solar and battery


The Smart Energy Council is very pleased that both the NSW Government and Opposition understand that solar and battery storage saves money and creates jobs. 

The NSW Government has announced plans for no-interest loans for families to purchase solar and batteries.Up to 300,000 households will be able to access loans of up to $9,000 per battery system and up to $14,000 per solar-battery.To be eligible, applicants will need to be owner-occupiers of a house with an annual household income of up to $180,000. Delivery partners for the program will be selected through a competitive tender process. The NSW Government will also use the program to encourage battery manufacturing in NSW.This is a 10-year $3.2 billion program, which will be dependent on the NSW Government winning the March 23 State election.

The NSW Opposition has also made a solar announcement.

Last Saturday week, the NSW Opposition announced plans to slash the power bills of 500,000 families with solar.If elected on March 23, a NSW Labor Government will offer up to $2,200 for 500,000 families to install solar.This will be means tested at $180,000 per household.

The Smart Energy Council welcomes the NSW Government announcement, which will be a real boost for families wanting to slash their power bills with solar and batteries. This announcement is a welcome boost for families and for the solar and battery storage industries. We welcome the focus on manufacturing and look forward to seeing more details. The NSW Government is not surprisingly distancing itself from the Morrison Government’s sorry position on renewable energy. The Deputy Minister and National Party Leader, Michael McCormack, said (this month) ‘We don’t want to go down a path of renewables.’

We look forward to continuing to work with all political parties to deliver smart energy policy. 
John Grimes Chief Executive, Smart Energy Council