Dear Ed,

Retiring to Yamba 20 years ago the plan under Maclean Shire Council was for Witonga Drive to intersect with Yamba Road upon completion of Yamba Quays. The decision for this not to be implemented I rate the same level as the removal of the Scar Tree in South Grafton (dumb).

With the release of 130 lots on the Quays and all the existing residential lots east of Crystal Waters, the only access to all these lots is Gumnut Road via Treelands Drive, or Shores Drive. In fact, the latter two roads “must” be used to access every lot north of Yamba Road in West Yamba, except for the lots in Yamba Road and those off Osprey Drive.

For any houses built on the Quays adjacent to Yamba Road, the residents driving east will pass within 50-60 metres of their home, then must travel a further 4 kilometres to access their houses.

The completion of Witonga Drive connecting to Yamba Road should be no one priority before any roundabouts are constructed, as this would reduce the traffic on Treelands Drive and give a better access to Yamba West. Yamba rate payers deserve what was originally planned for easier access.

Constructing a roundabout at Treelands Drive and Yamba Road means all traffic toward the Yamba CBD will have to give way to turning traffic on the only main road into the town… not very bright.

Arthur Jurss, Yamba