Peter Jarman takes Palm Lake Stableford

After all the rain the course was in surprisingly good condition but only a few of our members took advantage of the situation to play our front nine Stableford round.

Peter Jarman, after his trip to the big smoke was relaxed enough to score 21 points and win the day.

His playing partner Bob Oddy took second place with 19 and Tony Turner third with 16.

As is often the case the last group won all the NTPs with Bob Oddy very close on the 3rd and Peter Jarman lucky enough to beat Tony Turner on the 9th. He did have some trouble finding Tony’s marker, which was right on the front of the green, while the pin was nearly 20 metres away at the back!

Hoping to see all our regulars back on the course now that August is with us and the weather a little more conducive to an early rise.

Peter Jarman