Pesky problems

Here’s a scenario. A harassed CVC administrative minion is assigned the task of clearing out the perceived ‘flat spots’ of the Valley and in doing so save as much money and evade as much responsibility as possible.
Wearily turning over his documentation once again he comes to the Brooms Head folder. He’s never been there but knows it is an intrinsically scenic location which could interest a tourism developer. Into the bargain, if the current set-up was taken off the table it would probably remove pesky problems of holiday park management, such as appointing caretakers, maintaining infrastructure and keeping those misguided permanent residents quiet. Redeveloped it would attract a ‘better’ class of transient tourist instead of that died-in-the wool regular lot who don’t really know what’s good for them.
The light bulb flashes, several problems solved at one stroke. Sure, it will cost a bit at first, but it is an investment, we will then flog it off to the highest bidder, make a profit and our worries will be over. Oh goody!.. What our friend doesn’t see or understand is just how strong is the community spirit and the consequent willingness to defend the Broom. His life is about to become very interesting.
Gus Plater,
Brooms Head