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Palmers Island students tackle Tourette Syndrome

The students of Palmers Island Public School have marked Tourette Syndrome Awareness Week last week to support a student with the condition and encourage community understanding about it.

Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder affecting one in a hundred people, characterised by involuntary, irresistible body movements and vocalisations, and is complex and individual in its effect.

“Simply knowing about the condition and how it can affect people is a huge step towards making their lives easier,” said Principal Ellie Wiseman.

“Being aware of how people with Tourette’s can feel and of the little things that can support them in living their lives as normally as possible is very supportive, and something we’re hoping the wider school community will pick up on.”

Students have worn orange and made gold coin donations to the Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia in support, and are taking part in awareness activities, including a visit by educators from the Association’s TicTacs program.