Palm Lake golf back to normal for next week

A nice fine day on Tuesday September 7 for our first game in Spring and we had a good roll up despite the Covid restrictions.

Hopefully we can revert to normal soon and be a little more sociable with the presentation after the game rather than all disappearing immediately on completion of the round.

There seems to be a trend over the last few weeks with Steve Dorrell’s partner streeting the field, so we expect there will be some demand to be his partner in future games. Last week it was Graham Meany and this week Denis Kelly, who had an unbelievable result of 30 points for 9 holes, including a birdie and a number of pars. Being handicapper next week’s card will be closely scrutinised. Second on the day was Ken Hall with a well compiled 24 and third Keith Britton with a more legitimate 18 – apparently, he was disappointed with his form.

NTPs went to Chris Sharp on the 10th, Denis Kelly on the 12th with his tee shot falling a few inches short of an ace and Terry Wilson on the long 17th just missing the hole with a putt from a couple of feet off the front of the green.

Our next round will be back to groups of four, after our premier lifted restrictions on those regional areas not experiencing cases of Covid.

Peter Jarman