Palm Lake golf

It was the last day of winter and Graham Meany came out from hibernation to test his prowess on the golf course again after a winter rolling big balls at the little white one – rather successfully by the number of photos appearing in the bowls reports.

We had 14 players for our Stableford round and there was apparently a “long drive” competition on the 10th. Paul Christie hit a massive 15metres to nearly reach the visitors tee and thought he had it in the bag until Terry Wilson hit the ball on the head and didn’t make it off our tee block. Lots of laughter and claims of “just laying up”.

Back to the serious business of reporting the scores and Graham Meany should return to bowls according to his playing partner and a number of others who saw the results – he returned a splendid 25 points to win the day from Keith Britton (recently returned from Tassie where he proudly claims to have played at Barnboogle but will not divulge his scores) on 22 and Ken Hall on 21 beating Bruce Douglass on a countback.

NTPs went to Bob Oddy on the 10th, Bruce Douglass on the 12th and Keith Britton on the 17th.

Hopefully, we will be out of Covid restrictions next week and can return to the Clubhouse for a coffee and presentation after the game.

 Peter Jarman