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Evans Head resident Dr Hanabeth Luke is running for the seat of Page at the upcoming Federal election as an independent candidate. Image: Contributed.

Paging a campaign for change

Independent candidate for the seat of Page Dr Hanabeth Luke has announced the community has “a real chance to change things for the better” following the confirmation of the 2022 Federal Election on May 21.
Dr Luke said the LNP Government has proven they “don’t have our community’s interests at heart,” and as an Independent candidate she is “free to stand up for us and what matters for our region.”
Dr Luke has pledged to fight hard for a liveable and prosperous future for local
families and industries while supporting affordable housing, a locally run and well-resourced disaster response force to help communities prepare and respond to the next extreme event, a recovery commission for an evidence based and community driven recovery and adaptation plan for future planning across the catchment, the Climate Act to enable a sensible and planned transition to a carbon neutral economy, and honest politics, for a well-funded ABC and a federal ICAC with teeth to hold all politicians to account, including herself.
“As an Evans Head mum, scientist, surfer, teacher, and volunteer, I care deeply for our region, and I understand its people and our challenges,” she said.

“I’ve been listening to you.
“I’m with you at the school pick-up, I’m working with our farmers and coastal industries, I’m paddling out and in the line-up beside you, I’m helping educate our future scientists and farmers, and I’m manning tinnies with you, without
question, when those calls come in.
“You have strong views on the future of this region, I’ve heard you.

“The best way to bring about change is to have your voice heard in Canberra and I am standing as your Independent for Page to advocate for us and ensure we are not forgotten.
“I know we need to be planning for the next extreme event now, not waiting and watching.
“Serious funds need to be allocated to disaster preparation and planning, no more billions on coal and gas.
“This flood has intensified our challenges, but we’ve seen how important community is, and what we can achieve when we pull together.
“To have your voice in Canberra, make sure your vote counts on Election Day.”