Pacific Valley Zone Athletics

Ashby-Hair-Spa-Website-Advert   On Tuesday of last week, 11 schools from our region met to compete in the Christian schools’ zone athletics carnival at the International Stadium in Coffs Harbour. Early that morning we assembled one of our largest athletic teams to date to travel down and represent our school. Over 60 of our students from both primary and secondary competed on the day, many of which achieved outstanding results. Students had a great day pushing their limits, smashing personal records and having some fun by just having a go. We blew the other competition away when Declan Moran and Jayden Glackin crossed the line milliseconds apart for first and second place respectively in the 14 boys 100m dash. Moreover, the crowds gasped as Caleb Couper hurled his discuss into the side netting with a sound barrier shattering crash. All of our students were excellent participants and are to be congratulated for their achievements. A special acknowledgement to the students who achieved first or second place in their events they will progress onto the State Athletics Carnival: Primary Students Beau Banks, Taylor Debrincat, Sophie Law. Secondary Students Madeline Anderson, Tiffany Brien, Brody Carlin, Caleb Couper, Amy Dransfield, Isabelle Dransfield, Rhys Fischer, Kiara Foster, Jayden Glackin, Matthew Honner , Michael Hughes, Declan Moran, Kayli Ohlmus, Bayden Toyer, Joel Vestergaard. Well Done Pacific Valley. Ben Stubbs