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Pacific Valley CS “touching” gesture

Main image: Volunteer staff at the Lawrence Museum views the students thank you letters during tea break. Bottom: Some of the thankyou letters from Pacific Valley Christian School students. Images Contributed
Lawrence Museum is always keen to welcome students, but the school students from Pacific Valley Christian School were so impressed by the museum, they sent a special thank you. The students from Stage 1 PF class, showed a keen interest in the collection, and the museum staff fielded many questions. The students decided to adopt the Lawrence Museum as their ‘Mission for the Week’ and raised $33.50 by running a “Lucky Duck’ game during their lunch break. Teacher and visit organiser Peter Famularo, said part of the project was to learn about volunteering and giving to the community. Vice president Roz Jones, said, “We love to have students visit the museum, these students were very interested, (particularly with the drop dunny) and put our volunteers to the test with their questions. We were very touched by their fundraising and the individual thank you letters. The Lawrence Museum is always pleased to accommodate school visits by arrangement.