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Pacific Valley Christian School – Valley Hope School

Year 7 Orientation Year 6 attended their first High School Orientation Day last Wednesday, and they were nothing short of incredible as they got to have a taste of being a high school student for a day. They were all super-engaged in the mini-lessons Mr Logan, Mr Huxley and Mr Baker prepared for them, and many of the students expressed eagerness for the second Orientation Day to arrive. Book Week It was fantastic to see so many students engage and participate in Book Week and the activities that occurred throughout it last week. From completing book challenges, to finding the treasure chests Mrs Armstrong cleverly hid around the school, to hearing different stories read by different teachers and staff members, and of course dressing up on Friday and participating in the parade, it was wonderful to see everyone in 3B get involved in some way as we celebrated the gift of reading. Valley Hope School Camp Valley Hope School went on our first overnight camp last month. Joining with Pacific Hope School we went to the lovely Camp Goodenough. We arrived at school nice and early, we loaded up the bus, waved our parents goodbye and were on our way. Whilst at camp we got to participate in a variety of activities, these were a high ropes course, crate stacking, giant swing, billy karts and an obstacle course. Every activity was inclusive of everyone and there was a role for him or her no matter how much they wanted to participate. The activities all promoted teamwork, collaboration, encouragement and challenged the student to go out of their comfort zone if they were up for it. We also had movie nights and lots of time to make new friends and meet the other students from Pacific Hope. We also learnt some wonderful everyday skills like helping serve the food at meal times and cleaning up our own dishes. The camp was fun, exciting, challenging and at times a little out of our comfort zone but everyone had an amazing time and loved every minute of it. Philippines Mission Trip The Philippines Mission Trip was an amazing experience for staff and students. Below are the student’s responses to the questions of ‘What did they enjoy most?’ and ‘How has the experience changed you?’                                   My experience in the Philippines was wonderful. I would have enjoyed it more if my health was good, but when I wasn’t in hospital or in bed, I did get out to serve. I had plenty of fun highlights that I’d love to share, but hen this newsletter would soon be a book. My highlight though was probably the over welcoming culture, they would treat us like famous people because of the colour of our skin. After coming back from our trip and recovering, I found that I’ve taken things for granted and how we are very blessed – Luke Fischer.   Getting to experience a totally different culture and meeting all the children at the orphanage and interacting with them for the week – Hannah Blair   After going to the Philippines I have realised how lucky & blessed we are in Australia. But even though we are so blessed over here we can be so rude compared to people in the Philippines. They are all so welcoming & polite. It is just so amazing to see how much they appreciate things so much better than we do because we just take it for granted. After coming back, I have to respect things more instead of just taking it for granted and have noticed how blessed we are. It was just amazing to see how the children & staff are so excited to see you – Alia Foster.   I really enjoyed the culture and it was amazing to see how positive and happy all the children and adults were. I feel my eyes have been opened up to see more of what’s really happening and that we have life really good – Logan Piper.   The part of the Philippine Mission trip I enjoyed was spending time with the children and being able to show love & appreciation – Katie-Anne Roan.