Outdoor advertising


Your article “Power to the poles” in last week’s Independent (CVI 21/2/18), reminded me that I have been meaning to write to you about a much worse situation than the signage affixed in various places by Circus Phoenix. I refer to the proliferation of very large advertising hoardings on an increasing number of grazing properties alongside the Pacific Highway to Grafton.

The comments attributed to Des Schroder, plus those by RMS and EE, in regard to the Local Environment Plan, suggest these hoardings, which are certainly not temporary, do not conform to LEP requirements regarding maximum sizes. The question is, have these been approved before erection and by which authority? I cannot recall seeing any of them in any Council approved DAs listings.

They are a blight on the landscape, along what has for years been a beautiful drive with sugar plantations and more and more cattle, for years. The grotesque “come on’’ UNSEE THIS signs to encourage future advertisers make it even worse. Can anything be done about this apparent transgression of the rules please?

Brian Holley, Yamba