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Osprey RSL Day Club

Happy New Year everyone, and may 2019 be a really good year for us all.

The purpose of my editorial today is to remind you that we start back on Friday February 1. All the timings remain the same, and there is little or no change to our already successful format. What I would like to see is that you talk to your friends who are not members and encourage them to come at least once to see what fun we have to offer. There are no obligations for them to come every week. The more the merrier.

I would just like to list the activities that we do, so that anyone searching for an environment of fun and friendship can investigate the possibilities. We begin at 10am with a lovely morning tea, followed by a gentle exercise routine of stretches (to get rid of the calories consumed at morning tea), a thought provoking general knowledge quiz; then it’s into playing various card games of your choice Euchre, UNO, or Scrabble, Tridominoes, Rummikub. Then it’s a lovely lunch so you are having your main meal for the day with friends. Following lunch we play Bingo until it is time to go home at 1.45pm. We provide transport to and from the Bowling club with their courtesy bus. Of course there are super lucky door prizes, shopping vouchers and Bingo prizes; all inclusive in the $15 charge. Value for money I hear you say….and it is. Four hours of fun with like minded people, food, transport and prizes. But wait there’s more. Thrown in the mix we have great guest speakers; we keep you up to date with new developments in the government health care system, and we have occasional bus trips etc.

I will write again next week to remind you, so talk to your friends this week.

Please contact Leanne on 0413 101 518 for further details or bus pick-up.

Sue Gunning