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Osprey RSL Day Club – RIP “Stubbsy”

My first task is a sad one. John Stubbs, fondly known as “Stubbsy”, passed away last Tuesday after a long hard fort battle with chronic respiratory issues.

John, who had a lengthy career in the Army, was one of the original founders of Osprey in Yamba twenty-one years ago and was so proud of “his” club and the good work they were doing. John was a “Bernardo Boy” and knew what it was to feel alone and in need of support and friendship, togetherness.

All those things he brought with him to Osprey at the old RSL Hall where the volunteers actually made and prepared the morning tea and lunches. That was the practice when I first began volunteering, and I can tell you we had just as much fun making those meals and washing up, as we did exercising, and playing bingo etc. That was “togetherness”. His funeral will be held on Saturday August 6 at The Uniting Church, Angourie Road, Yamba at 1.30pm. RIP John.

Last Friday was our version of “The Price is Right” day and Leanne had gone to an enormous amount of trouble to produce a fun morning of guessing games along the theme of the old TV show.

Between games we had the odd joke thrown in; much better than an ad- break. The best part was that no one went home empty handed, and they had had such fun winning what they received. Of course, the grand finale was the “Show Case” where the finalists had to guess the value of the prize. That’s not easy when the pressure is on, and you are only given the hint that the total amount is between $121.00 and $123.00. You could hear a pin drop as each contestant tried to recall what the other one had said. I laughed when June said to her opponent “what did you say”? Anne was the proud winner of the show case.

Next week we will be back to normal routine, and I expect our numbers will increase again as those on the sick list return.

If you would like to be a part of the Osprey Club, please ring Leanne on 0413 101 518 and she will give you all the details and organise the bus to pick you up and take you safely home if required. Our promise to you is that you will have a wonderful day every Friday with interesting fun-loving like-minded people. It would be wonderful if we could encourage a few more men to come along and join the “table of knowledge”.

Sue Gunning