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Osprey RSL Day Club increasing numbers

Well we must be doing something right at Osprey. Last week were bursting at the seams as our numbers continued to swell and it was necessary to incorporate another large table to accommodate everyone. What a joy it is to hear the happy chatter between you all, and to see people are moving around the room to either welcome newcomers or renew acquaintances. Keep it up. That is what our club is all about. I do especially enjoy the hilarity, the humour and the dirty diversional tactics you all employ to win those wretched chocolates for the quiz.

Whilst we were having lunch last week (which was the most delicious roast pork and veggies), a member remarked to me about the outstanding value for money that Osprey provides. When you stop and think about it, it is. For $15 you get four hours of fun and friendship, morning tea, a beautiful hot lunch, another cuppa, raffle tickets in two $20 Coles vouchers and a lucky door prize of wine or chocolates (YEP…we know who likes which), and Bingo to boot with sensible prizes. And we acknowledge every birthday with a small gift, a card and a rowdy rendition of Happy Birthday. But wait…there’s more; free travel to and from home on the Bowlo bus with our own reliable driver and his able assistant.

We still have room for a few new members if you wish to join. If you can play 500 there are a couple of members who will really make you welcome. In the meantime they are playing Euchre and enjoying that. The Rummikub is gaining popularity as those brave enough to try find just how good it is. It will make you turn those cogs over…and you will love the stimulation; promise. I am very proud of you Marcia for having another go this week. Good work. And a gold star for your effort during exercises too.

Next Friday we will be drawing the Easter raffle as there will be no Osprey on April 19 as that is Good Friday. There will still be tickets available Friday morning if you have not purchased yours yet.

Thanks Col for all those beautiful hibiscus flowers from your garden to brighten our tables. The ants were an added extra.

Contact Leanne Christie for info on 0413 101 518.

Sue Gunning