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Osprey RSL Day Club in desperate need of bus driver

Hi everybody. I am back after a fun three weeks visiting my much-loved granddaughter in Western Australia.

We successfully avoided border closures by skilful planning and Gunning cunning. What we didn’t do was organise any snacks for the flight. I stupidly thought we might get a lovely meal like we did in the olden days! We survived on a chocolate muffin!

Last week there were 41 people in attendance at Osprey, which was marvellous, and we want to keep those numbers climbing. The more the merrier.

We do however have one small problem. One of our bus drivers is leaving the area, and we desperately need to find another volunteer bus driver with a Bus Driver’s license or one equivalent to a Light Rigid Driver’s license to drive the Yamba Bowlo bus. That person would need to be available each Friday morning at approximately 8.30am to collect Osprey members from their homes in Yamba and drop them at The Yamba Bowling Club at 9.30am. Then reverse the procedure in the afternoon at 1.45pm at the close of our activities and drop the members home again. We do have other drivers to fill in when required, and a roster can be formed if necessary. It is imperative that we find another like-minded wonderful and cheery bus driver prepared to give a little of his or her time to enhance the lives of others. Our club runs on volunteers, and our aim is to provide the members of our club with a carefree fun filled day to remember; but we need a u-beaut extra bus driver to help get those people without transport to the Bowlo and home again. Is that YOU? If it is, please ring Leanne on 0413 101 518.

During my absence Bev has been doing half a session of exercises, and then Tom has reintroduced the singing and dancing segment to the CD of Agidoo. It is a great CD to get the body moving and the heart pumping and a smile on the dial. I also believe there were some Bowlo staff spotted happily bopping along to the music. Great stuff. Maybe we should have more dance music in future; its such great exercise and so warming in this cold weather. Suggestions are welcome.

Leanne announced last week, that next Friday is “Just because we can Day”.

Nobody knows what it means; but sometimes at Osprey we do things just because we can. I can’t be more help than that…what a teaser! Rest assured it is going to be fun to find out just what it is that Leanne and Paul have in store for us.

Keith won the lucky door prize last week and sensibly chose the wine… yay.

Liz and Edward had a choice of Coles vouchers or a free day at Osprey, and both chose the free day voucher. Maureen won Pick a Box and chose the small blue box containing a free day at Osprey. So, everyone was happy. Last week I believe, David M won a very pretty purse and delightful shower cap! Cute; better luck next time David…ha ha.



Sue Gunning