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Osprey RSL Day Club hear of RSL changes

Due to unforeseen circumstances I was not able share with you, valuable information and exciting changes which are happening within RSL NSW. As you recall we were unable to meet on October 16 for our usual Friday frolic because a meeting had been scheduled in the auditorium to accommodate 42 members representing all Day Clubs within the Northern Rivers. The meeting had been called by Tom Barnsley in an effort to assist many of the clubs who have not been able to resume since COVID-19 began, or to encourage those teams operating under great difficulties. We at Osprey are privileged indeed to be able to continue our usual routine, but some clubs are too large to be able to comply to the COVID restrictions and others have other challenges. It was a chance for all the clubs to come together and share their stories, their strategies and give hope to other leaders to pull their clubs through this difficult time. Our guest speaker was the newly appointed CEO Jon Black, a retired army officer who is acutely aware of the needs of retired service personnel and their families. He was both entertaining and informative and readily shared the new vision of RSL NSW. There is now more assistance than ever available to veterans, and this can all be accessed by contacting your local RSL sub-branch where you will be assisted by a trained representative. RSL DefenceCare’s team and services have transitioned to RSL LifeCare. Please be aware you can confidently access all facets of home care assistance within the RSL as Jon Black and his team strive to make our RSL great again. Don’t forget to bring your mobiles, laptops, Ipads and tablets on Friday so Leanne can help you with all those little problems you have been experiencing. It is a wonderful opportunity indeed, and I am certainly going to make the most of it. Please do the same. Sometimes we miss out on so much just because we are afraid to ask. Let us learn together. That’s all folks, but ring Leanne on 0413 101 518 for further info. Sue Gunning