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Osprey RSL Day Club – back and COVID strict

Hi everyone, it has been two months since my last communication with you all and I am pleased to report that Osprey is up and running again in a strict COVID friendly way.

The format is much the same, but slightly adjusted to fit in with the bowlers and club personnel. The club does not allow entry until 10am and you will be required to swipe your card on arrival and departure and sanitise your hands. Bev will take your temperature with her magic gun and then you can join your friends at the socially distanced tables. We are in the auditorium which enables us to comfortably space out and yet be connected.

Already our numbers have reached 35 with several apologies from members last week. If you are still feeling unsure as to whether or not you should be attending Osprey during the pandemic, let me assure you we are abiding by strict COVID safe practices and complying with all the Bowling Club’s stringent guidelines to keep us all safe.

Now having said all that, let me say this. There is no courtesy bus operating at the moment, so if you require transport to and from the club please ring Leanne and she will organise one of the volunteers to pick you up and drop you home when we finish at 2pm. How easy is that?

I have been away for a couple of months, so I was really surprised to see how quickly and how smartly Leanne has adapted our program to fit in with the other functions of the club. You know there are no flies on these folks; because the tables are spaced as they are, and they couldn’t reach the cards or the tiles, they were pushing them across the table with their walking sticks! However, we don’t have to do that anymore because we bought some cute extendible back scratchers and they’re the bees’ knees.

It was also brought to my attention this week that the exercises had been less vigorous during my absence so I will do my level best to rev them up a bit. You’ll be sorry Di. Just let me brag a little here; this week the members stood up and sat down 14 times straight and unaided….and in record time too. Our exercises are designed to strengthen your arms and legs. Obviously working.

Our newly introduced puzzle sheet is a real hit, and like the quiz, they are designed to stimulate the mind. So, you see we cater for everything, healthy body, super intelligence, fun, games and food.

Merilyn and Rosie from Evans Head Day Club visited us last Friday and were most impressed with our program and have taken back some ideas to share with their club. Do you remember when we first introduced Rummikub and you all thought it was too hard? Now look at you all…loving it.

If you would like to join us, please ring Leanne on 0413 101 518.


Sue Gunning