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Osprey RSL Day Club

Hi everyone. My apologies for not putting pen to paper last week but I was called away to Gunnedah urgently. I believe you all had a fun day even though the numbers were slightly down due to International Women’s Day function clashing with Osprey.

This week we enjoyed the frivolity of St. Patricks Day with many and varied jokes; lovely bright table décor, including shamrocks, Leprechauns and green mint leaves. Thanks Pat for providing those delightful little laminated cards which you so kindly donated to each person. The room looked so bright and inviting and everyone enjoyed the atmosphere tremendously. Joe darling, you had your tie on back-the-front. No wonder you didn’t get any kisses; silly boy.

Wasn’t it wonderful to welcome Marcia back to the fold? It is true that the camaraderie of Osprey members is the glue to our club; the reason you all look forward to Friday. There are so many people hidden away in our community who would so enjoy our club but they are either unaware of our existence, or perhaps too shy to reach out. If you are one of those people, ring us and we will welcome you with open arms. Our wonderful volunteers will gently blend you into the Osprey family and you will wonder why on earth you left it so long.

Not only did Marcia enjoy her day with old friends but she also won one of the $20 Coles vouchers. The other went to Leanne, and the lucky door prize (a nice bottle of wine) went Isabel. I picked up a bingo prize and I wasn’t even playing. Thank you whoever it was that was playing my card for me when I was called away.

For more information, ring Leanne Christie on 0413 101 518.

Sue Gunning