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Osprey RSL Day Club

We are so lucky to live here in Yamba and be relatively safe from Covid-19, but even though this week say “Freedom Day” in NSW, it does not mean we can become complacent and disregard the great health practices that keep us safe.

My sister -in-law who normally has a very modern very short hairstyle must be in heaven today and was probably the first in line at her hairdresser’s salon this morning. She sent me a picture of her attempt to tame her hair… disaster! But a half day at the salon should see it rectified.

Last Friday as always, was most enjoyable and featured all our regular activities. The lucky door prize was won by me, and of course I chose the wine. Daphne and Joan opted for a “free day pass”, and Bev M won a big crossword puzzle book in the Pick-a-Box.

Now with regard to next Friday as per the Bowling Club’s requirements to meet Government regulations, we will be required to provide proof of our double vaccination certificate. There are several ways you can do this, but you only have to provide it to the Club once and the information will be stored for future entries. I expect it will mean getting through the door next Friday may take a little longer, but perhaps you could go to the club during the week and complete the process, thus avoiding the wait on Friday. Don’t be uptight and flustered as these measures are designed to protect us all, and like all the other things we have faced in the past couple of years, it is one step closer to achieving normality again.

Looking forward to seeing you all next Friday.

Sue Gunning