Community News

Osprey RSL Day Club

Oh, my goodness I love this daylight saving; it puts a spring in my step. When I walked at six this morning it was crisp and lovely and has put me in a wonderful frame of mind to start the day. I encourage you all to try for a walk every day, even if it is only 15 minutes. It’s good for the soul and great for your body.

Wasn’t it a fun day on Friday? I was a wee bit concerned for Leanne’s state of mind because she seemed to think it was Friday 13th, and I didn’t want to burst her bubble as she had obviously spent hours researching all those facts and figures relating to Lucky and Unlucky. Congratulation Leanne it was fun and a different Osprey Day which everyone seemed to enjoy.

We would like to wish Dianne a speedy recovery. Please be assured we are all thinking of you and hoping to see you back at Osprey in a week or two.

As well as our normal raffles we had several other special prizes which were connected to the Lucky/Unlucky theme. Maureen and Flo managed to win a towel and washer set each. I won a beaut Bingo voucher which doubled my prize but said I must share one of the prizes with a friend; so, I gave the chocolate block to Pat because she doesn’t worry about her weight like I do! Perhaps I should rephrase that because I don’t worry about her weight at all!

Keith won the lucky door and sensibly chose the wine. Well done Keith.

I won a Free Day voucher, Paul a Coles $20 voucher, and Tom won chocolates in the pick-a-box draw.

That’s all folks.

Sue Gunning