Community News

Osprey RSL Day Club

Wow what a turn up for first day back, with 35 smiling faces eager to embrace our new-found freedom. I know it is awkward sitting so far apart…. you want to try lip reading at that distance….even worse if they are wearing a mask!

It was really and truly wonderful to see you all again, and exciting to welcome Lyn to try us out, and to see Pauline back again looking trim, taught, and terrific after her op. I always think it is amazing that when the pain goes away, so do half the wrinkles. It might be worth me getting my shoulder fixed!

David was on the sick list but should be hot to trot next week. We missed Pat and her bubbly self and hope she will be on deck next week too. Also missing were the Caroona crew of Pete, Maxine, Heather and Allen. We do miss your company and hope you will be able to attend very soon…. the vaccination rate has almost been achieved and I am sure Gladys will set us all free very soon.

That brings me to Christmas. Yes Christmas. There are 100 days until then, so we have to start planning for our special day. So, get your thinking caps on and tell us what appeals to you, and how perhaps we can make the day even better.

We used to decorate our own tables in the old RSL Hall and everyone seemed to enjoy that; the friendly rivalry was fabulous and the atmosphere electric and joyful. All suggestions welcome.

Bev, Daphne and Isobel all won “Free Days” at Osprey in the raffles, Eileen won a box of chocolates to celebrate her return, and Sean also won a box of chocolates. And as a matter of interest, I finally won a double prize at Bingo with my “smiley” card.


Everyone seemed to enjoy the lovely fresh scones with jam and a huge dollop of cream. I did….and I started a diet that day! The fish and chips with salad were also a hit….not too big, not too small but just right.

Before I sign off, please let me say this one more time. If there are people out there who are new to town and looking to make new friends, or if you are lonely and would like to join our “family”, please be brave enough to give Leanne a call on 0413 101 518 and she will tell you all about what we do and why we are so successful at what we do; and that is because we have such a caring wonderful team of volunteers.


Sue Gunning