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Osprey RSL Day Club

My apologies for not making the deadline last week. Blame it on my beautiful grandchildren…….and my forgetfulness. I had hoped at one stage that I may have talked the three of them into coming to Osprey and each speaking for a few moments about their interesting careers; Jess in the Navy, Elise a physical education teacher at a school for sports gifted children and Mitch a tuna fisherman on a long-liner fishing boat. Maybe next time.

There will be no Osprey on Friday October 16 due to a convention being held for RSL Day Clubs in the Northern Rivers area. Many clubs have not as yet resumed operating due to the COVID-19 restrictions, mainly because they have a large membership and cannot comply with a suitable safe COVID plan. We are among the lucky ones; and aren’t we glad?

After our initial greeting welcoming one and all, I read a beautiful poem written by Col’s wife after their trip around Australia many years ago. I encourage others to share such special memories with us too. Thanks to Col and Lyn for allowing us to share something so dear to you hearts.

I am certain that no one went home hungry last Friday. I thought the exercises may have gone someway to counteracting the calories of two scones with jam and cream, BUT I hadn’t figured on the scrumptious bangers and mash! Two of the biggest sausages I have ever seen, riding on mounds of mash, peas, and gravy to die for. Delicious, but disastrous for the waistline.

Eileen won the lucky door prize and opted for the chocolates.

Dianne and Dorothy won the $20 shopping vouchers.

It was a really harmonious day last Friday and nobody seemed to want to go home. I heard Leanne say, “Hands up those that are staying here tonight”? And still you played on. It reminded me of Jess (granddaughter) when we would try and call her out of the surf; she would always pretend she couldn’t see us waving her in and head further out for a bigger wave. Actually, it is great praise indeed to know how much you enjoy being together. It’s a bit like family isn’t it?

That’s all folks. Ring Leanne if you want to join us 0413 101 518.


Sue Gunning