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Osprey RSL Day Club

Can you believe this is my 66th editorial? My, how times flies; but in that time our numbers have increased significantly. Last week we welcomed Inga and Gert to Osprey Club, and they had a lovely day amongst many old friends, and made some new friends too. It never ceases to amaze me how easily newcomers slip into the Club as though they had always been a part of it. I guess we can put that down to the warm and generous nature of our members.

Now last week I forgot to mention how wonderful it was to see Alan back after his recent illness. When you weren’t there this Friday Alan, I was concerned, but my inquiries thankfully led me to some pretty exciting news. You were not able to come to Osprey because you were home taking delivery of your new Ferrari! What a hoot. Please tell me you have a Davey Crocket fox tail on the pole at the back. See you next Friday. And no wheelies in the foyer…there’s fun police there!

Our darling Dorothy has not been well either, but is now home from hospital and thriving under David’s loving care. See you soon. They really missed you on the Uno table.

Who would ever have believed that so many of you have taken to Rummikub after such a slow start. We have had to purchase two new sets of tiles, and David has kindly made two more sets of boards to meet the demand. Thanks David your boards are perfect and much appreciated. I told you it was addictive and you didn’t believe me. That doesn’t mean we don’t play euchre any more, it just means you have more choices.

There is something very strange going on with our raffles and I may have to take a swab… not sure whom I should swab….. Sean won the $20 voucher again this week. I think that is about his fourth prize this year. And Inga won the other $20 Coles voucher which was exciting for her on her first day back with us. Cathie very sensibly took the wine, declaring it wasn’t really for her! Huh!

The week, March 20 we will be in the auditorium. We will be playing “The Price is Right” game for a bit of extra fun. So brush up on your store prices and win some interesting prizes. I am sure we can arrange delivery of the larger prizes like lounge suites, fridges, dishwashers etc. Might even be a cartoon of loo paper!

In the meantime stay safe and keep washing those hands…no kissing.

That’s all folks.

Ring Leanne 0413 101 518 for further information.

Sue Gunning