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Osprey RSL Day Club

Thank you everyone for getting into the spirit of Black Friday and taking the time to dress up and add your special sense of fun to the day. It was truly a fun day wasn’t it?

Pat worked her magic on the table décor and we had large black cats with glowing eyes in the centre of each table seated on black cloth mats. Spiders, bugs, gnats and things were everywhere. The lollies to entice you were black liquorice, eyeballs, wriggly worms and slithery snakes. Leanne had spent some time going over the books and working out just who were the luckiest people in the group and then had a play-off between the top four……for the winners a glass bowl of chocolate eyeballs, and for the losers a plastic bowl of eyeballs! Can you believe Isobel has won the $20 shopping vouchers six times, that’s equal to $120! Our lunch however, did not come out of a cauldron containing frogs, lizards and witchetty grubs, but was a delicious homemade pie, mash and gravy. In fact lunch time was the only time there was a modicum of hush in the room.

We had a brief discussion about Osprey and other Day Clubs and asked if there was anything more members would like to see or change in our format. It appears you all love what we do and the way we do it; so that’s how it will stay. Please remember we are always open to suggestions that could enhance our club.

It was so dreadfully sad to learn of the passing of Jim Lynch last week…. ‘Gentleman Jim’. He was just the most gorgeous gentle man and such a fabulous day club member. Softly spoken, loved to be loved, and we loved to spoil him too. He will be sadly missed by all.

Pete won the Lucky Door prize AGAIN! She was of course one of the four luckiest members.

Sean won a $20 voucher, and then very cleverly drew out my name in response to my calls of “pick me. Pick me”, so I got the other voucher. Yay.

As our numbers have increased steadily, we are now able to make up a table of 500 card players. Now see how easy it is to mislead people. We do not have 500 members, but what I meant to say was, we can now make up an extra table of four to play 500. That will be starting next week. All the other games will continue as usual, and we do have Scrabble and Cribbage if you don’t enjoy Euchre, Rummikub or Uno.

For information ring Leanne on 0413 101 518.

Sue Gunning