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Osprey RSL Day Club

Can you believe that this is our 50th editorial? I hope it has been fun and informative for you all. This week we will give you an opportunity to find out more about our club, and also other clubs and what they do, and can do for you. So please come prepared with any questions you may have for an open discussion, and if you have any suggestions that will enhance our club, we want to hear them.

It is also Black Friday – September 13. So let your imagination run wild and devise a super black outfit and dress up for the day. I can see the Bowlo bus now…..laden with wicked witches, pointed hats and trusty brooms; a wizard or two and a mad magician. Please, NO CATS! NO RABBITS! Get into the spirit of things and enjoy the madness.

Wasn’t it great to get back into the Riverboat Room again? The new décor was certainly the topic of the day and by all accounts was well received. Rather elegant actually and reminded me of David Jones many years ago when my mother took me to lunch in their restaurant with crisp white table clothes and silver service. There was a lovely friendly atmosphere in the room, so I guess it worked its magic.

The lucky door prize was won by Heather A and Pete and Isobel each won a $20 voucher.

Jim, I hope you are back on deck and feeling a whole lot better. We missed you mate.

By the way, I understand we have one or two new people joining us next week. Please don’t be put off because it is a dress up day. Either way you will be made most welcome. What a fun day to make our acquaintance, and meet our truly wonderful fun loving members.

As always, if you wish to know more about Osprey please ring Leanne on 0413 101 518. Transport to and from your home can be arranged; we meet every Friday 10am to 1.45pm and you do not have to attend every week……….but I bet once you start we will see you each and every week.

Sue Gunning