Community News

Osprey RSL Day Club

This coming Friday August 16 we will NOT be in the River Boat Room as they will be closed due to renovations which will be carried out over the next three weeks. Rest assured we will be all set up and waiting for you in the auditorium. We thought we would take advantage of the added space and do a couple of fun activities that will possibly cause you to break out in fits of laughter, not perspiration. Now that’s got you thinking hasn’t it?

The following two weeks we hope to be in the Sports Bar which has a delightful atmosphere, but we will keep you posted on that one as details come to hand.

This week we welcomed Dorothy and David to Osprey Club and by all accounts they enjoyed their day tremendously and we hope to see them back again next week. It was also lovely to see Joan back and sparking on all fours. Flo and Kathy were missing in action but I believe they will be all sorted for next week.

I must say the quiz segments have been excellent the past few weeks and I really have learned a thing or two. One thing I have learned is that if I want to win the chocolates then I have to sit on Mary and Pete’s table.

As always, anyone wishing to join Osprey Club please contact Leanne on 0414 101 518 and she can give you the good oil and organise free transport to and from the Bowling Club if desired.

Sue Gunning