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Osprey Club celebrates 15 years

The Osprey RSL Day Club of Yamba celebrates its 15-year anniversary this Friday November 27 at the Yamba Bowling Club. Two of the club’s original members will be attending. The day club operates on Fridays from 10am to 2pm at the RSL hall in Church Street, Yamba, where members participate in gentle exercises, mental stimulations and occasionally there is entrainment. The members arrive by their own transport or can be picked up (in Yamba) and returned to their home by the bowling club bus. The members are given morning tea and lunch. The cost for the day is $6 with an extra $1 if travelling on the bus. Raffle tickets can be purchased for $2. The members are given morning tea and lunch and each month, and the birthdays are celebrated with cake shared by all. The Osprey members enjoy their weekly card games: 500 and euchre, and scrabble, UNO and dominoes. For further information contact Beverley Daly 6646 1620.