Ongoing logging of native forests makes no sense


On the Mid-North Coast of NSW logging of native forests is continuing despite the terrible bushfires of a year ago, and the loss of fauna, including koalas, and flora. This destruction is happening with the active encouragement of the National Party and in some areas local Councillors.

The National Party website states: ‘What we stand for: We believe the future of regional Australia is critical to the future of our nation. Our priorities are building stronger regional economies . . . and ensuring a sustainable environment.’

If this is true why oppose the Great Koala National Park when a landmark study by the University of Newcastle (Feb 2) reports that the park would deliver a significant lift in jobs and projected additional regional economic output of $1.2 billion over the next 15 years, and $1.7 billion in biodiversity value.

Koalas are becoming rare in NSW. Their trees are being destroyed for electricity, a process producing more CO2 than burning coal and it takes decades for trees to grow and sequester the carbon again. The North East Forest Alliance (NEFA) has recently highlighted the fact that electricity produced from biomass is three times more expensive than solar power.

Worldwide, deforestation is responsible for an estimated 5 billion tons, or 17 percent, of annual global carbon emissions, not to mention soil erosion and biodiversity loss. We are making a bad situation worse.

Dr John Bennett, Yamba