Older but not better

When David Bryden turned up at Bravehearts with his antique cane sticks, we were impressed with his collection of old “mashies”, but we weren’t prepared for his announcement that he intended to compete in our Stroke event using them! The old clubs were in genuine and original condition with leather grips that were smooth to the touch and must have been difficult to control… sadly he expected too much and was out of contention with his 55 from 9 holes on the back of Maclean Golf Course.

David Bryden turned up at Bravehearts with his antique cane sticks. Photo: contributed

Other players were in much better shape with more respectable scores so clubs have made huge improvements and we now know you CAN blame your tools after all.

The winner was his (David’s) partner in crime Margaret Durante, who pulled of a magic total 33 nett to take home the deluxe chocolate box. She was really pleased and was probably thankful that her partner was otherwise occupied so she could concentrate on her own game.

Super effort Margaret. Kim Pye, with 36 was in second spot accepted a small gift box of chocolates and Chris Bell also on 36 took home a pair of new pair of denim shorts to match his mid strength T-shirt from last week. Linda Goodwin was in 3rd place with nett 38 whisking away the magnificent jar of kumquat donated by Margaret, a delicious prize.

Chris Bell was 10 from the hole on the 11th and Denise Paten was 92cm from the 17th hole.

Trevor Wright was putting well to score 15 and the chocolate shortbreads. No one, however, managed to beat the wobbly golf ball putting competition for the Paul King golf lesson. It was a difficult challenge so next week we’ll try again… with a proper golf ball!

Thanks to our sponsors Caperberry Cafe, The Italian on the Hill Restaurant, Sassafras Restaurant, Yamba Cinema and Munro Machines Golf Cart Maintenance. We all appreciate your support very much.

Join us next Tuesday for some excitement at MCGC around 8-8.30am and play golf with a difference.

Jaz Taylor