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Nymboida Recovery Hub chief co-ordinator Gray Stride. Image: Lynne Mowbray

Nymboida still needs our help

Lynne Mowbray|

It’s almost three months since the horrific bush fire which ripped through the village of Nymboida, destroying around 90 homes.

Nymboida Recovery Hub (which is situated in the grounds of the Nymboida Canoe Centre), is still in need of our help and assistance.

Recovery Hub donation co-ordinator Georgia Foster Eyles said that one of their main drives at the moment is getting their tool library set up.

“We’re tagging and testing all of the electrical equipment that’s coming in at the moment,” Georgia said.

“A lot of it is being donated to the community but the rest of it we are keeping (at the Recovery Hub) so that it can be lent out – so there’s enough to go around.

“My partner’s co-ordinating the re-build process, so we’re trying to get a bunch of workshops organised (covering a wide range of building issues including DA’s, sustainable design and fire resistant houses etc) to help inspire those who have lost their homes, to figure out what they might like to build in the future.

“We’ve had a delivery of some IBC’s (1000lt water containers) and we need to be able to transport water, so we need a heavy duty trailer that can deal with 1000 litres of water that moves around. So we’re looking to get probably two, one ton dual axle trailers.

“So we’re looking to get donations of funds so that we can buy these, which will become a community asset for moving water,” she said. 

Nymboida Recovery Hub chief co-ordinator Gray Stride said that water tanks are desperately needed.

“We have been given 14 (by the Woolgoolga Lions Club) which went to those in the community with the greatest need; but we’ve lost 90 houses and around 120 tanks that have been destroyed.

“Pressure pumps to run water, are definitely a big thing that we’d be looking for,” Mr Stride said.

“We’d also appreciate any tradesmen that are available to volunteer to do work. Our volunteer co-ordinator can hook them up with people that really need an extra hand.

“If people want to donate but don’t want to give cash; any size denomination of Bunnings gift cards would be greatly appreciated,” he said.

For further information, check out the Nymboida fire survivors and info Facebook page where you can see what’s needed and what’s happening at the recovery hub.

Or email Georgia Foster Eyles: [email protected]