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NSW commits to halving climate pollution this decade

The Nature Conservation Council of NSW welcomes the NSW Government’s commitment to halving climate pollution by 2030.

“NSW’s progress is a brilliant demonstration that protecting our planet also creates jobs and attracts investment,” Nature Conservation Council Chief Executive Chris Gambian said.
“Today’s announcement shows what is possible when a government accepts the reality of climate change and decides to take action.”
“The UK, USA and now NSW all have committed to halving climate pollution by 2030. This stands in stark contrast to the inaction of Prime Minister Morrison and the Federal Government.
“The Federal Government’s 26-28% target is now so weak it is untenable.”
In just March last year, NSW set a target of 35% reduction by 2030. Modelling released today by the NSW Government shows it is now on track to achieve a 47 – 52 % cut in emissions, largely thanks to wind and solar farms replacing coal burning for power generation.
“50% is a great start, made possible by the genuine efforts of the Berejiklian government.
“There’s now no reason not to ratchet up ambition across more sectors. With some leadership from the Federal Government it is well within reach for NSW to achieve a 75% reduction in emissions this decade and net-zero far sooner than 2050.”
“That’s both scientifically necessary and in the economic interests of NSW residents.
“There are plenty of opportunities for cutting climate pollution even further: from building better quality homes, to ending land clearing, to truly accelerating electric vehicle uptake.”
“In NSW we could speed up our planned exit from domestic coal fired power stations which would dramatically reduce carbon emissions whilst creating new jobs and removing harmful toxins from the air around Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Valley.”
“And we could plug the hole in the bucket by reducing the land clearing rates that have exploded in recent years.”

Commitments to reduce climate pollution

2030 target 2050 target
NSW 50% (up from 35%) Net zero
Federal 26-28% Uncommitted
Vic 45-50% Net zero
Qld 30% Net zero
WA 26-28% Net zero
SA 50% Net zero
Tas Already net zero emissions –
NT No target Net zero
ACT 65% Net zero by 2045